“Please submit this document after you finish this task everyday.”

Creating documents and confirmations pursue you on any industries and companies.
You never know if you can throw it away.

“Lack of time did not allow us to finish the work.”
“I wish I could save my time and care for my family.”
“We could confirm it carefully if the application was gotten at us earlier.”
Every single tasks take your time.

Do you have such a waste of time?

The time you go back to your office only for creating documents.

The waiting time between a meeting and the next meeting.

The transit time like train and bus.

Waste of time occurs outside your office.

Not just workers inside the office but also outside workers are required to work flexible on document creation.
Since wasteful time usually happens at a scene when we have pockets of time, it is important for us to first analyze what the real cause is.

Cannot do it outside

  1. According to company rules, we cannot bring out PC.
  2. From the beginning, we do not want to bring out PC and no place for that we use it.
Cannot do it with smart phones

  1. Input with smart phone annoys us.
  2. Small display limits us to control.

The solution for them is SPALO®.

SPALO’s system

AI parses and analyzes inputed text and outputs appropriate formats for documents like MS Word or Excel.

SPALO’s features

You do not have to use PC for Excel. All you need is smartphone’s chat tool.

You can do it only with smart phone.

Not only keyboard input, also you can use voice input.

SPALO’s example

Scene 1 Sales (Estimation)

You can create an estimation document with voice input simply.
No problem if you are outside.

Scene 2 Bull of the woods (Reports for process)

You can include smart phone’s pictures into the document.
The documents can be formatted an index in bulk.

Scene 3 Helper (Report for situations)

Sharing information for companies or families takes a lot of time.
SPALO allows you to save the time.

Simulation: After introducing SPALO

Cost reduction per a day: 2.5 hours
Cost reduction per a month: 50 hours

SPALO’s movies