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SPALO® save your time in document creation work
Patent pending(No. 2017-127137)
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Get back your essence by document innovation

"The man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." - Charles Robert Darwin
Multi chat applications
Communication apps like LINE and LINE WORKS are corresponded to SPALO.
You can create your documents outside without PC or Mac.
Understand your needs with AI
Our backend, IBM Watson Assistant, supports your intentions.
Conversation with chatbots prevent format mistakes and omissions.
Work flexible at any situation
You can keep your 'current' excel file
The most important thing is 'what is the problem you want to solve?'. Let's communicate with our experts!
We support from proposals through software adoption
Initial costs are from $0~. From simple formats to large documents
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SPALO® works as a system linking tool
SPALO® works as a system linking tool between your documents and chat applications or system.
Our inputs and outputs techniques can link whatever you want and anywhere you want.
Please tell us your troubles!
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